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Monday, June 14, 2010

Dylan’s Cause Available Now

Local author Pamela Swyers celebrates the release of her latest book Dylan’s Cause

Dacula, GA, June 1st, 2010 –Local author Pamela Swyers first burst on the fiction scene with Boys with Cars; a story about life, love, friendship and loss. In her latest book; Dylan’s Cause (the first in the Tryta Chronicles) we meet Diana, an angelic living with her husband Dwyn in the heavenly realm of Tryta. Dwyn is revealed to have a core of evil and is banished from the heavenlies, doomed to live out his life on earth. Diana finds that she is with child and the controversy begins over whether this child, Dylan, will be ultimately good or evil.

Dylan’s Cause can be found on and Barnes and Noble, as well as in several local bookstores, and on Pamela’s website;

Pamela has lived in Dacula, Georgia for six years. She and her husband moved to Georgia after Hurricane Andrew blew them here from Homestead, Florida back in 1992. After penning her first novel, (Boys with Cars) she was nominated for the Georgia Author of the Year award. The sequel to Boys (Married with Children) is also now available everywhere. Rebound (the story of a barista who finally finds love) was released in February. Pam is currently writing her seventh book (sixth fiction novel). Look for Playing with Fire to be released in the winter of 2010.

What people are saying about Dylan’s Cause:

“I loved it! Easy read, unable to put down. Best of both worlds. A little sci-fi adventure with a little twist of love and romance. Something for everyone!” Anna Shafer

“More great literature from a great writer! Can't wait to read what happens next.” Laura Marshall

“Great book written by a great Author!” Peggy Karnowski

Pamela is a member of the Georgia Writer’s Association and has been penning works of fiction her whole life. Growing up in small-town Oklahoma (the setting for Boys and Married) Pamela moved to Miami, Florida as a young adult and lived there for many years before coming to Georgia in the early nineties. She is currently the mother of three grown children and has been happily married for twenty-two years.

Pam and husband Bill started Swyers Publishing; Swyers Publishing was started, not only as an avenue for Pam’s books, but also to provide assistance and encouragement to new aspiring authors, particularly indie writers who seek to take a less traditional route to publishing their works.

Contact: Bill Swyers
Swyers Publishing