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Sunday, June 6, 2010

'HELP' I've Written My Book Now What?

'HELP' I've Written My Book Now What?
By Wendy Adams

So many times I've read the same thing over and I feel bad for new authors there's just no Step By Step how to out there right at hand for writers. They are completely new and all they know is they are driven to write. Well, I'm here to hopefully make it a little easier for you with my newest blog post 'HELP' I've Written My Book Now What?

First thing I tell anyone who has gotten in touch with me is 'Breathe' I know how hard it is to submit a letter in the first place and as for being a writer myself I know exactly what you're going through.

You've written your book, you're all excited it's complete and then you start looking into how to get it published and become overwhelmed by it all.
Who knew writing the book wasn't the hard part!
First thing I'm going to ask you is this ..
That if by reading the first three chapters you'd have me HOOKED! Because those first three chapters are what makes or breaks the manuscript even being looked at.

My next question is this have family and friends looked at it? Co-workers even? What were their thoughts and if not certainly that would be your next step. You're climbing stairs here, take your time.. BE CONFIDENT!

Do you have an authors website or blog? You want to not only promote your book but yourself as well. A good place to network is facebook you can look me up. Now there will be editors, publishers, other authors even don't let the titles scare you. 'We all put our pants on one leg at a time.' is what not only myself but Author Pamela Swyers says. Her newest book 'Dylan's Cause' is out now. Pamela is a very confident author, she friendly and a go getter folks. Just what I like to see in an author.

An authors page would be a great place for you new authors sign up as a public figure. Let people know about you as a person and your book. Certainly join forums where other authors hang out it will give you moral support and trust me they will be honest but don't get scared of but the more pushy folks who believe their way is the right way. Stay true to yourself and your book.

Decided whether you want to be agented or not. That's very important because you'd be wasting your time sending to publishing companies who only work through agented authors.

Now if you have any questions from this point feel free to ask. Right now it's important to get you out there and get networking with the right people, those who are POSITIVE THINKERS and GO GETTER'S. You want a strong foundation underneath you. I will advice this be careful of authors who talk with you and suddenly see everything you're writing as very similar to theirs. I've run into them myself, that little green guy can come out in authors who see you're new on scene and getting more attention than they are who may be out there already three four years.

Next bog.... we'll talk about 'How to find the agent and publisher right for you.'

If you have any questions certainly ask.
Good Luck!

Wendy Adams
Promoter / Literary Agent