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Friday, April 9, 2010

Author Pamela Swyers

New author Pamela Swyers from Dacula, Georgia is no stranger to writing, she's had a creative interest in writing since her youth. Though Pam has written poetry, children’s stories and dramatic scripts her passion falls to fictional novels and I can see why.... I just finished reading Pamela's recent book 'REBOUND'. Her writing style is LIGHT HEARTED, EASY TO READ and carriers the readers through individual life experiences that we all go through which help us grow and change as a person. When I finished reading the book I thought right away about giving it to my teenage daughter to read. Pamela writing style is well suited for mature teens and young adults.

Lately Pam has been busy doing some local book signings and here's the latest breaking news on where she'll be next:

'Pam is excited about the book siging at Books for Less in Buford, GA. She will be there to continue the celebration of her book Rebound. Come out and see Pam on Saturday, April 17th from 1-4pm. All of her books will be available and she looks forward to meeting you.'

Book Signing in Buford
Time:1:00PM Saturday, April 17th
Location:Books for Less

Here you can find a list of Pam's current books out:

Boys with Cars is a story of friendship, love and loss. It tracks the lives of two best friends; Veronica Stanford and Adison Taylor.

In Married with Children, Adison Taylor returns! She and John juggle his school, their two beautiful girls and life in general.

Rebound, an Atlanta love story. Samantha Wells is a young barista who finds herself on the rebound and is feeling pretty low until she meets Max.

Right now Pam's books are available on Amazon and have been picked up by some smaller online bookstores all over the world. They can also be ordered through Borders and Barnes & Noble online or in store. I hope you'll take the time to stop into Pam's website she's is such a warm and friendly person and she's work very hard to further her career as a writer. I just received the manuscript to her newest book 'Dylan's Cause' and I'll be starting my read on that this weekend. I am finding myself very blessed to be meeting so many talented new authors and I count Pamela amongst them.

I'm pleased to announce my decision to promote Pamela and her work. Be sure to keep up with me here on all the latest happening with Pam on her journey as an author.

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