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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Ed Kowalczyk's newest album 'ALIVE'
Ed Kowalczyk is spreading his wings wide with his newest album just released on July 6 2010.

Some major promoting has been going on for his new song 'GRACE' but the album consists of so many great songs like 'DRIVE', 'STAND' and 'DRINK (EVERLASTING LOVE)'

Over the years I continue to follow Ed's musical career as his songs hold STRONG VALUES and INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGES of hope.

When I first heard 'GRACE' it really hit home for me as 2009 was a difficult year for me. I've been making some major changes in my life and when 2010 hit I was moving forward through it all continuing my promoting work for musicians and authors at which time I made the decision to jump into the waters even more to focus on agenting authors.

Was it coincidence that I just finished a year and three month promoting a musician and working his blogs for him under the name 'Grace Adams' Keeping his fans up to date on the latest breaking news.

Out of the fog and seeing my future as clear as can be... Ed's newest hit song 'GRACE' says it all for me...



Get out there and buy Ed's newest album 'ALIVE' and find out why everyone is talking about it. Go to: and buy it TODAY!

We have only seen a glimpse of the talent within Ed Kowalczyk join him on his musical journey check out his facebook page and web site.

Get the album today and hear it for yourself!!!
This amazing album has a smash hit in 'STAND' and so many more.. I just can't choose a favorite.

Wendy Adams
Promoter / Literary Agent