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Monday, December 20, 2010

Haunting Heather

When you think Kansas City do you really think Rock / Pop music ? Well, maybe you should because the next BIG BAND is from there. They've reached #5 on the Rock charts for Kansas City, MO on Reverbnation. Help the band climb to #1 by going to like their music and become a fan...

Recently Haunting Heather released their debut album ' ONE '

The bands awareness is spreading like a virus across the nation . With songs like ' FALL ' ... ' RING ' ...and ' Way ' this band can't go wrong.

' Way carries a simplicity about it while Ring has the ability to be on a motion picture soundtrack.' says Wendy Adams, New York .. Promoter and Agent

Here's what their fans think...

'Their lyrics are fantastic'

'You guys ROCK!!!!'

DEMAND a Haunting Heather show in YOUR area today!

Meet the members of the band :

Jim Rippee - Vocals
Shaun Brening - Guitar
Brad Moon - Bass
Michael Keller - Drums

Haunting Heather has been nominated for BEST ROCK ACT at Online Music Awards May 2011. Please go to and show your support.

Stop into their sites .. with the holidays here ' One ' would make a great stocking stuffer. The debut album "One" from Haunting Heather is now available from Itunes, Napster, Amazon, eMusic and Reverbnation.

The guys would love to hear from their fans.....

Coming soon... personal interview with one of the band members.