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Monday, December 20, 2010

Haunting Heather

When you think Kansas City do you really think Rock / Pop music ? Well, maybe you should because the next BIG BAND is from there. They've reached #5 on the Rock charts for Kansas City, MO on Reverbnation. Help the band climb to #1 by going to like their music and become a fan...

Recently Haunting Heather released their debut album ' ONE '

The bands awareness is spreading like a virus across the nation . With songs like ' FALL ' ... ' RING ' ...and ' Way ' this band can't go wrong.

' Way carries a simplicity about it while Ring has the ability to be on a motion picture soundtrack.' says Wendy Adams, New York .. Promoter and Agent

Here's what their fans think...

'Their lyrics are fantastic'

'You guys ROCK!!!!'

DEMAND a Haunting Heather show in YOUR area today!

Meet the members of the band :

Jim Rippee - Vocals
Shaun Brening - Guitar
Brad Moon - Bass
Michael Keller - Drums

Haunting Heather has been nominated for BEST ROCK ACT at Online Music Awards May 2011. Please go to and show your support.

Stop into their sites .. with the holidays here ' One ' would make a great stocking stuffer. The debut album "One" from Haunting Heather is now available from Itunes, Napster, Amazon, eMusic and Reverbnation.

The guys would love to hear from their fans.....

Coming soon... personal interview with one of the band members.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Ed Kowalczyk's newest album 'ALIVE'
Ed Kowalczyk is spreading his wings wide with his newest album just released on July 6 2010.

Some major promoting has been going on for his new song 'GRACE' but the album consists of so many great songs like 'DRIVE', 'STAND' and 'DRINK (EVERLASTING LOVE)'

Over the years I continue to follow Ed's musical career as his songs hold STRONG VALUES and INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGES of hope.

When I first heard 'GRACE' it really hit home for me as 2009 was a difficult year for me. I've been making some major changes in my life and when 2010 hit I was moving forward through it all continuing my promoting work for musicians and authors at which time I made the decision to jump into the waters even more to focus on agenting authors.

Was it coincidence that I just finished a year and three month promoting a musician and working his blogs for him under the name 'Grace Adams' Keeping his fans up to date on the latest breaking news.

Out of the fog and seeing my future as clear as can be... Ed's newest hit song 'GRACE' says it all for me...



Get out there and buy Ed's newest album 'ALIVE' and find out why everyone is talking about it. Go to: and buy it TODAY!

We have only seen a glimpse of the talent within Ed Kowalczyk join him on his musical journey check out his facebook page and web site.

Get the album today and hear it for yourself!!!
This amazing album has a smash hit in 'STAND' and so many more.. I just can't choose a favorite.

Wendy Adams
Promoter / Literary Agent

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Check out Ed's Semi-acoustic version of "Grace"
Join Ed Kowalczyk's official Facebook page here:
Now networking on some of the top social media sites has been made easier with connecting all your sites to one place. Here I can message you about musicians and authors breaking news and it goes to all my connections at once. Thank you

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wendy Adams
Promoter / Literary Agent

Looking over submissions to fill the last three spots I have open at this time for agenting. You still have time to turn your work in Deadline July 4 2010. Just follow the guidelines posted in my notes here and on my promoting and agenting page on facebook. Please make sure your genre is one I cover. Final decision to be made July 19 2010.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Interview with Author Pamela Swyers

Pam's newest book 'Dylan's Clause' is now out. Be sure to get it while you can 'it's going to be a best seller'

Have you been receiving a lot of responses since you released 'Dylan's Cause' for sale? So far, I have gotten a very positive response. Even those who aren’t big readers have told me they are totally hooked in. I’m a huge fan of a good “cliff-hanger” ending and I tried to do that with Dylan’s Cause.

Since we met Pam, we both seem to be pursuing our careers full speed ahead. I'm curious as to what's next for you? More of the same, I hope. I feel so incredibly, unbelievably blessed to be able to write every day; to create characters and situations from whole cloth… it’s what I LIVE for! I am pursuing publishing via every angle imaginable (including self-publishing and the ol’ traditional methods).

Now that you have a couple of books under your belt Pam, What would you say is the hardest part of getting them published? The traditional methods are always very difficult, time-consuming and gut-wrenching. Having to send out query after query and get back rejection after rejection is a tough way to go, but it has always been thus. Rejection is something none of us “creative types” enjoy. Seems kinda sick if you think about it; the most sensitive people in the universe have to suffer constant rejection. I think that’s one reason why so few actually “make it”. That’s one reason why I decided to self-publish (in the meantime) which leads nicely into your next question.

I know your husband and you have a small publishing coming could you tell us a little bit about it and why you decided to go that root? It was simply and foremost a way to get my books into print and into the hands of those closest to me. For one, it means a LOT to have something concrete in your hands, as a writer. To continue working at something, hour after hour, week after week, month after month, with virtually nothing to show for it is… well it’s very masochistic. (Ha!) It helps to see your work in print… It motivates and inspires. And once others begin to read it and like it, that inspires you even more. I have always felt I would need to continue seeking more traditional routes as well though. It’s the best “tried and true” method to get your books into the major book carrier’s shelves. I thought for a while we could help others publish as well, but that has proven very difficult, as we would have to charge people for our time (we have a very limited budget) and every writer knows to run from people who ask for money up-front.

That's true Pam. A lot of people in the literary business take advantage of new authors. What I like about your Publishing Company is that it's owned by a writer and the fact that your husband runs that side of things. You're up front about the fact that you started it up for yourself and I think that will help the business take off on it's own. You're straight forward with costs and what it takes to get the book published. It's a company like yours I's like to see grow and really start taking off because for me, I see an oppurtunity for our partnership to go and expand in many ways. Who knows I just might be sending my authors to 'Swyers Publishing' in the near future.

As an author I think it would be helpful to other writers if you could share some of your experience with sending out query letters to publishing companies. Is there any particular response that has stood out for you. Was there anything in particular that pushed you to self publish?I have sent out… I don’t even KNOW how may queries over the years. I first finished writing a book about 20 years ago and queried that directly to publishers. I got some responses, but I have since figured out that what I wrote 20 years ago—simply wasn’t all that great. (I have much improved.) Over the last year I have queried over one hundred, maybe two hundred agents and publishers. I find that they are incredibly over-whelmed and likely do not have the chance to spend much time on your query. I have also found this to be true: every book you read on getting published and every person you talk to, will give you very DIFFERENT advice; conflicting advice on what they actually want and are looking for. There is no way to win in that environment. It really can end up being about who you meet, who you know, networking, etc. This combined with my answers above, moved me to self-publish. Plus I also believe none of us are promised any certain number of days on this earth, and BY GOD, I was going to go to my grave a published author! I knew (& know) that it is absolutely who and what I am meant to be and do. Ultimately I would advise this: whether you self-publish or not, never give up if you KNOW this is who you are and what you are meant to do. Keep plugging away. Eventually the right connection will come. I think I am making some potentially VERY important ones right now… ones that will lead to my further success.

That's great advice Pam, Thank you so much!

You seem to be doing very well Pam with turn out book after book. I love that you've changed the genre up for Dylan's Cause. How have your followers responded to the change? I think I am finding that there are certain fans that will like most anything I write, because they enjoy my writing style—my “voice” if you will. There will definitely be some that will like Dylan’s Cause better than the other “chick-lit” stuff… especially male readers. Obvious reasons. Takes a sensitive man indeed to read and enjoy women’s fiction.

You're doing just great Pam, I have to ask this... Is there a genre you're just dying to try your hand at but maybe are holding back from trying a little uncertain if you'd be good at it? I think Both Women’s Fiction (which I grew up loving and devouring) and Contemporary Fantasy was actually that for me. I was uncertain in the beginning with both. It’s all about finding your storyline and your groove. I think I’ll stick with these two. Um, for now, anyway.

For anyone who has not bought your book yet where can they get it? Have you sent up Book Signing venues yet? I have had several book-signings in the past after the release of my other books, and I’m in the process of scheduling ones to celebrate the release of Dylan’s Cause… I expect to have some dates nailed down really soon (this summer for sure). My stuff is all available on, Barnes and Nobles online store, Borders, and most any major bookseller (even if you don’t find it on the shelf and it must be ordered). Some of my books have made it to Kindle and some of the other e-book formats, and the others are all in-process. They all have retail ISBN’s so they can be looked up and ordered virtually anywhere. I try and give discounts occasionally at my store on the website:

I know you do a lot of book signings, Is there one moment that stands out for you maybe something someone said to you? One thing that stands out is when we ran a contest and I had met this gal and she was so excited to meet me (little ol’ me) and when she ended up winning the drawing and we called her to let her know—she was ecstatic! You would have thought she won the lottery. She said she had never won anything before. That was nice. Meeting new readers and making friends of strangers, never gets old though.

What's the best why for a new fan to get in touch with you. I know you have your website and facebook page. Do you get fan mail at home? [BESIDES FROM ME!] DOES AN AGENT CONTRACT COUNT AS FANS MAIL? IT CERTAINLY DOES IN MY CASE I'M ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS! Ah, Wendy, how I DO love you! I have both a fan page on facebook and a personal facebook page. I hope people will mostly find me there or through my site (mentioned above). I do occasionally get an email from a stranger on my regular email, but I try to be choosey about who gets that. I think in my town, only my librarian and my postal carrier know I live where I do. I kinda like it that way. (Speaking of those great connections I am making…. Yay Wendy!)

I find you to be a very determined, positive, out going author. Were you always like that or did something change for you that made you say' I'm an author and my books are worth being read by all?' I love that GO GETTER attitude of yours. I think in order to succeed at anything, you must KNOW yourself utterly and BELIEVE in yourself entirely. After all, if you don’t, who will? You have to be able to sell yourself (no, not in a creepy way)! No, I was not always like this. I went through times in my life of having low self-esteem and low self-confidence for sure. Years of having a strong faith and surrounding myself with positive people makes a huge difference. I have a pastor friend who has made a huge impact on my life, just simply with his constant positive outlook on life and the way he never, ever gives up on his dreams. I have mentors in my life in different ways. I have really GREAT friends who believe in me whole-heartedly. (And others who just humor me and put up with me, no doubt!) As I tell my daughter all the time “You will become who you hang around with.” Want a great life? Hang around great people. People with true and honest hearts, people who cheer you on instead of tearing you down. My husband and grown kids as well as parents and siblings are a great support. And oh yeah, I finally started writing better… which helped me believe in myself and helped others like my writing… can’t forget that.

Here's a question for you Pam, What was the worst advice you've received? “You’re too sensitive and kind of a person, you’ll never make it as a writer.” Humbug. I’ll show them.

Do you think you could explain the process of setting up a book signing, for new authors? They're scared to death to send me a request as a literary agent, I can only imagine what goes on in their mind about the thought of a book signing. How nervous were you at your first book signing? Do you still get nervous? Again, you must believe in who you are and your writing. If you are in ANY way embarrassed by what you write, you won’t be comfortable at a book-signing. Write something worth standing behind, then stand behind it, no matter what. Literally and figuratively. Yes, I still get a little nervous, but I put on a smile and press through. My first one was the worst for that, but it was made better by my family who showed up and loved on me and were proud of me. Now I am more “used to” them. Not so bad. Gotta be prepared for them to go well and/or for them to flop, cuz both will happen. As for processes to set up, someone does that for me. (My manager/publisher/assistant husband.) He makes all the tough calls. It helps.

And one last question Pamela.... How about telling the readers a little bit about each book and what your thought process was for each. What inspired you to write each book? The very first book I self-published (at that time through a vanity press) was a goofy coffee-table book called Fictionary. I wanted to put my toes in the water of self-publishing and that was where I started. This was before we started our own company. It was so fun. I was inspired by my goofy kids to write a silly little book with goofy and slang words and their entirely made-up definitions. Next (after we had our own company with a REAL printing and distributing connection) I did my first novel, Boys with Cars. It is a story of friendship (inspired by a friend I had once… a friend who died and who I carry within myself to this day). The story itself is pure fiction. The sequel to it is Married with Children. I am currently working on the third book in that series. Next was Rebound. You may not know that I am a very experienced barista and café manager among my other talents, and Rebound is about a barista who loses love and finds it again… only this time for real. Dylan’s Cause came out next (only just in fact) and is the first contemporary fantasy I have written. It will be a series of at least three books (side note: part two has already been written as well but is not through editing yet). It is the story of an angelic couple living in the heavenly realm of Tryta. The husband is revealed to be evil and is banished and the wife finds she is pregnant. A controversy begins over the fate of the child… will it be good or evil? This book came about during a brainstorming session with my adult and awesome son Shaun. His brother Matt helped inspire me as well. (Matt does my cover art on the hard-cover books.) It is a romping ride, for sure. I have fallen in love with the characters, which I always do.

Thank you Pam, I'm so glad you made time to squeeze me into your busy schedule. I look forward to getting the new interview out for all to read. You are so welcome, Wendy, and thanks for all your amazing help. You are an inspiration to women and writers everywhere.

Wendy Adams
Promoter / Literary Agent

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dylan’s Cause Available Now

Local author Pamela Swyers celebrates the release of her latest book Dylan’s Cause

Dacula, GA, June 1st, 2010 –Local author Pamela Swyers first burst on the fiction scene with Boys with Cars; a story about life, love, friendship and loss. In her latest book; Dylan’s Cause (the first in the Tryta Chronicles) we meet Diana, an angelic living with her husband Dwyn in the heavenly realm of Tryta. Dwyn is revealed to have a core of evil and is banished from the heavenlies, doomed to live out his life on earth. Diana finds that she is with child and the controversy begins over whether this child, Dylan, will be ultimately good or evil.

Dylan’s Cause can be found on and Barnes and Noble, as well as in several local bookstores, and on Pamela’s website;

Pamela has lived in Dacula, Georgia for six years. She and her husband moved to Georgia after Hurricane Andrew blew them here from Homestead, Florida back in 1992. After penning her first novel, (Boys with Cars) she was nominated for the Georgia Author of the Year award. The sequel to Boys (Married with Children) is also now available everywhere. Rebound (the story of a barista who finally finds love) was released in February. Pam is currently writing her seventh book (sixth fiction novel). Look for Playing with Fire to be released in the winter of 2010.

What people are saying about Dylan’s Cause:

“I loved it! Easy read, unable to put down. Best of both worlds. A little sci-fi adventure with a little twist of love and romance. Something for everyone!” Anna Shafer

“More great literature from a great writer! Can't wait to read what happens next.” Laura Marshall

“Great book written by a great Author!” Peggy Karnowski

Pamela is a member of the Georgia Writer’s Association and has been penning works of fiction her whole life. Growing up in small-town Oklahoma (the setting for Boys and Married) Pamela moved to Miami, Florida as a young adult and lived there for many years before coming to Georgia in the early nineties. She is currently the mother of three grown children and has been happily married for twenty-two years.

Pam and husband Bill started Swyers Publishing; Swyers Publishing was started, not only as an avenue for Pam’s books, but also to provide assistance and encouragement to new aspiring authors, particularly indie writers who seek to take a less traditional route to publishing their works.

Contact: Bill Swyers
Swyers Publishing

Sunday, June 6, 2010

'HELP' I've Written My Book Now What?

'HELP' I've Written My Book Now What?
By Wendy Adams

So many times I've read the same thing over and I feel bad for new authors there's just no Step By Step how to out there right at hand for writers. They are completely new and all they know is they are driven to write. Well, I'm here to hopefully make it a little easier for you with my newest blog post 'HELP' I've Written My Book Now What?

First thing I tell anyone who has gotten in touch with me is 'Breathe' I know how hard it is to submit a letter in the first place and as for being a writer myself I know exactly what you're going through.

You've written your book, you're all excited it's complete and then you start looking into how to get it published and become overwhelmed by it all.
Who knew writing the book wasn't the hard part!
First thing I'm going to ask you is this ..
That if by reading the first three chapters you'd have me HOOKED! Because those first three chapters are what makes or breaks the manuscript even being looked at.

My next question is this have family and friends looked at it? Co-workers even? What were their thoughts and if not certainly that would be your next step. You're climbing stairs here, take your time.. BE CONFIDENT!

Do you have an authors website or blog? You want to not only promote your book but yourself as well. A good place to network is facebook you can look me up. Now there will be editors, publishers, other authors even don't let the titles scare you. 'We all put our pants on one leg at a time.' is what not only myself but Author Pamela Swyers says. Her newest book 'Dylan's Cause' is out now. Pamela is a very confident author, she friendly and a go getter folks. Just what I like to see in an author.

An authors page would be a great place for you new authors sign up as a public figure. Let people know about you as a person and your book. Certainly join forums where other authors hang out it will give you moral support and trust me they will be honest but don't get scared of but the more pushy folks who believe their way is the right way. Stay true to yourself and your book.

Decided whether you want to be agented or not. That's very important because you'd be wasting your time sending to publishing companies who only work through agented authors.

Now if you have any questions from this point feel free to ask. Right now it's important to get you out there and get networking with the right people, those who are POSITIVE THINKERS and GO GETTER'S. You want a strong foundation underneath you. I will advice this be careful of authors who talk with you and suddenly see everything you're writing as very similar to theirs. I've run into them myself, that little green guy can come out in authors who see you're new on scene and getting more attention than they are who may be out there already three four years.

Next bog.... we'll talk about 'How to find the agent and publisher right for you.'

If you have any questions certainly ask.
Good Luck!

Wendy Adams
Promoter / Literary Agent

Sunday, May 23, 2010



By Author Shawn Grady

When I first picked up Shawn Grady's book it was just another review I was doing.

Talk about the BOOK

Talk about the AUTHOR

Let everyone know what I LIKED ABOUT IT or DIDN'T LIKE

It boiled down to in the end would I recommend the book to readers. Since becoming a literary agent my reviews are not just on the books but the authors themselves. I'm very picky about the books I review. I can't review something I don't have any interest in reading in the first place. I don't see any sense in that, how can you write about something your heart isn't into writing about. How can you give an honest review if you don't like the genre you're reading in the first place. So for me the books and authors are chosen by a set of standards in which I feel enables me to give an endorsement not only on the books I read but the authors as well. I'm not going to sugar coat a book I don't like.

'Author Shawn Grady's book entitled "THROUGH THE FIRE" Exceeded my expectations!' Literary Agent Wendy Adams

A fine example of a great opening line for a book 'Even Smoke Runs From The Fire'

As a literary agent the first two paragraphs are the most important to me. They will sell me on the book or make me pass it by.

'Shawn Grady's book "Through The Fire" first paragraph called to my instincts I didn't even have to read on to know this author had something worth reading.' Literary Agent Wendy Adams

I continued on from the moment I picked it up making notes along the way.

'Such poetic writing "When blackness billows heaven-bent from hallways and flame tips lick lintels like a serpent's tongue, the sirens stand singing. Most ties won't hold fast.' Literary Agent Wendy Adams

It was as if Shawn's writing style spoke to me, coursing through my veins an excitement of a new kind demanding I read on. It was as if his writing placed me within the storyline itself as though I was an observer right in the mix of things...

The storyline started right out from the start with a heart racing moment of life and death situation throwing in the probie firefighter Matt Hartman was a stroke of pure talent in true form everyone knows suspense is a teasingly pleasingly read that is like an addiction to an action, adventure genre reader. Only four pages in Shawn Grady has sold the story to a specific targeted group. I wondered what was going through the mind of this young author.

He continued to impress me with his word usage as though he was putting a puzzle together and knows exactly where each word fits. 'Thick gray smoke hovered in the doorway, greeting us like a silent apparition'

It's common for a literary agant to ask to only be sent the first three chapters of a manuscript. By the end of Shawn's first chapter of his book ' Through The Fire' I was already sold hook, line and sinker. His writing style is CAPTIVATING.

When I saw the opening of Shawn's second chapter... 'Sometimes a thousand thoughts fill a second...' I quickly looked through the book to see if he starts each chapter with an exemplary opening line. But by chapter four it was apparent that Shawn's creative thought had taken him a new way of continuing the storyline.

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed because it was a brilliant thought that had eluded the author. My hopes are that Shawn might consider this method of writing in future books as he has shown this style suits him well.

As I continued on through the book my interest fell to firefighter Aidan O'Neill. Aidan comes from a family line of fireman and everyone knows by life experience itself when you have generation upon generation sitting on top of you it's bound to be a weight I wondered just what author Shawn Grady had in store for this character. Aidan has an innate gift of reading the fires but a fire gone bad makes his talent fall dormant and in the worst time possible with an arsonist on the loose in Reno.

I myself found the book easy to relate to as I had lived next door to a firefighter and his family. His very son was following his footsteps. I came to be rather acquainted with his wife who carried a weight of her own, whether he would come home alive each time he went off to work. To his wife he was a man of courage with many years of experience under his belt. She had a learned deep respect for him. For his son, dad was a hero and what son wouldn't want to follow in the footsteps of a hero.

By chapter five Shawn had stepped away from the hectic yet very precise storytelling of what it's like to actually be in a fire, in the thick of it all to now following firefighter Aidan O'Neill through the turmoil of his life. I continued to read unable to put the book down. For those who know firefighters or come from the very life of being one it was quite clear to me Shawn's book ' Through The Fire' would reach them on a different level than those who did not.

Shawn's book paints a picture of not only life as a firefighter but also brings you to the heart of every firefighter out there. The emotional turmoil they face, how the job affects their personal life and them as a person.

Author Shawn Grady has a way of not only bringing his characters to life but details their emotions so vividly that you feel like it's a person you yourself know. Not only do I recommend Shawn's book entitled 'Through The Fire' to action drama and suspense readers, I also recommend you check out the author's personal website at Where you'll find all the latest news on what Shawn is working on.

Shawn has served for over a decade as a firefighter and paramedic in northern Nevada. From fire engines and ambulances to tillered ladder trucks and helicopters, Shawn's work environment has always been dynamic. The line of duty has carried him to a variety of locale, from high-rise fires in the city, to the burning heavy timber of the eastern Sierras.

To order Shawn's book entitled 'Through The Fire' you can find it at:

And more great places listed on his website.

His newest book 'TOMORROW WE DIE' is scheduled to be released July 2010. You can pre order the book by clicking on the link on his website. You can also find a listing of where Shawn is speaking at.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Wendy Adams

Now accepting book review requests.

Are you looking for someone to review your book?

Did you self publish and now no one will give you a review?

Look no further!

I charge a small fee for all reviews. My reviews not only get published here on my blog but on several of the top social media sites as well. You can also find my reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Just read my REVIEW GUIDELINES and submit your request today!


If you would like me to write a review for your book please e-mail me:

* Synopsis of the work

* Brief resume

Manuscripts / Books will not be returned. Typical respond to queries within 4 weeks.

That's right folks if you have a book going for publication and want an endorsement just request one here under Book Review Requests.

Genres Accepted For Submission:




Diaries and Journals


Adventure novel

Children's literature

Fable, Fairy tale, Folklore




FictionMedical novel

Philosophical novel

Romance novel

Historical romance

Saga, Family Saga

Science fiction

Psychological thriller


Thursday, May 20, 2010



Just who is Chris Mann?

The HOT VOCALISTS behind songs like:


Let me break it down for you. Chris went to one of my personal favorites 'Vanderbilt College'. He's located out in California but from what I've seen he's all over the place. And can you blame him! With vocals like that explore the world I say.


Chris began his professional career as an opera singer in Italy after graduating from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Classical Voice. While overseas Chris' path was forever changed when he visited a psychic on the opera's closing night. The cards were revealed and consequently, Chris returned to the U.S. (New York City via Nashville), to concentrate on his true passion--writing and singing his own pop songs.

Chris' new direction soon caught the attention of music industry heavy-hitters including Greg Wells (One Republic, Katy Perry, Mika), Martin Terefe (Jason Mraz), Walter Afanasieff (Mariah Carey, Celine Dion) and Mark Hammond (Josh Groban) who lined up for an opportunity to work on Chris' record.

Chris has toured with Grammy Award-winner, India. Arie and Tony Award-winner, Idina Menzel and has performed at numerous high profile events including the Sundance Film Festival and the pre-Oscars Young Hollywood Party. In addition to touring, Chris has been successfully developing his global fan base by thoroughly embracing social media platforms. His popular, witty YouTube videos, his weekly blog posts MANNblogMonday at and his growing Twitter, Facebook and MySpace followings exhibit Chris extensive communication with his MANNfans online. "The MANNfans mean so much to me,” Chris comments. “I respond to every Tweet, Facebook and MySpace message they send to me."


Why wait to hear his SMASHING/ ROCKIN / HOT NEW HITS!

You can catch his songs 'WHO I AM' and 'L.O.V.E' on his page Chris Mann Music!/chrismannmusic tell him Wendy sent you!

Join Chris on his facebook page and tell your friends all about him because CHRIS MANN is not a name you're going to soon forget! Be sure to post his links on your websites, blog and social networking sites like myspace, facebook, and don't forget to TWEET HIM UP!

Be sure to check out Chris's website as well at:

His HOT new songs will have you DANCING in your seats and SINGING along in the car. Be sure to contact your local radio staions by e-mail or phone and request Chris's newest songs entitled 'Who I Am ' and 'L O V E'.


Check out where he'll be next touring schedule on his pages.

resources: Chris mann's myspace, facebook pages, personal contact.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


First solo album entitled 'ALIVE' to be released soon....


'Ed's new song just reached #3 on the Alternative Addiction Charts. Let's try our hardest to get the song to #1.'

Stop in and vote and get your friends to vote as well.

Ed Kowalczyk of Live is releasing his first solo album entitled "Alive" on July 6, 2010.

I'm going to be giving ONE FREE solo album 'ALIVE' away right here from my blog 'Promoting and Me'

Here's what you need to do: Stop by my blog and follow me. Then leave me a message telling me 'YOU LOVE ED KOLWACZYK's MUSIC' that's it folks. The winner will be randomly picked and annouced here on the site.

Wendy Adams

Promoter /Literary Agent

Help promote Ed's newest song 'Grace' by contacting your local radio stations starting June 1 2010 and request the song by e-mail : Attention *Program Director or by phone. Get behind Ed and the band by showing your support with all your friends.

You can check out all his upcoming tour dates and hear his new single "Grace" streaming on the following sites:

Show your support by posting these links onto your websites, blogs, myspace and facebook pages. Send an invite out to all your connections to chat up Ed's newsest song with you!

Ed's Official Facebook Page:

Ed's Official Website:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


From York, Pennsylvania

Known by millions as the lead singer of the band 'LIVE'

With hits like 'Forever May Not Be Long Enough' and 'Sweet Release'

Ed Kowalczyk is spreading his wings and spreading them wide. On february 20 2010 Ed introduced to the world on his website the new band.

Meet the Members:

Ramy Antoun- Drums

Chris Heerlein-Bass

Adam Kowalczyk- Rhythm Guitar/Background Vocals

James Gabbie- Lead Guitar


Lead Vocals- Ed Kowalczyk

Ed's got a great website up and running I've been following him from the start with it. His VBlogs are FUNNY, PERSONAL and CONNECT with the fans. Releasing his first solo album entitled 'ALIVE' on July 6 2010. You won't want to miss it! Stop in and check out his upcoming tour dates and hear his new single 'Grace'.

resources: edkowalczyk website, facebook page and my own personal following.


Author of 'The Seventh Ritual' and Inspirational Blog 'Stories About Facing Fears'

2010 has been a year of surprises, learning experiences and great oppurtunities for me and we're not even half way through the year. I can only imagine what lays ahead of me next. That's why when the chance came to interview author Clint Adams of 'The Seventh Ritual' and Inspirational Blog 'Stories About Facing Fears', I jumped at it!

I met Clint through networking and right off I noticed his charming and positive attitude. The first thing I do when meeting someone new through the vast social media sites I check out their profile information, photos and site links this helps give me a better view on who they are and what they do because lets face it a status message doesn't tell you to much.

This is my chance to explore Clint a bit more indepth so I really wanted to ask a variety of questions that I was hoping would shed more light on his easy going personality and he didn't let me down. Here's my interview with author Clint Adams I hope you enjoy it.....

As a writer I'm curious to know what you think has been the hardest obstacles for you as an author.

Choosing the best pen name! :-) No, not that. Those crack me up, by the way. First of all, thanks for this interview, Wendy. As a fellow writer, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to much of what I have to say. Early on, I had two obstacles and I created both myself: ‘Unrealistic expectations’ and ‘Writing for the reader/audience/marketplace.’ It wasn’t until much time passed that I realized that writers (in my opinion) innately write for themselves, to expel a story that NEEDS to come out. Nothing’s more cathartic than writing. The process or creating fiction or non- is the reward itself; being published and selling books, I regard, as an added bonus, not at all the prize.

You've written The Seventh Ritual, My Watch Doesn't Tell Time, Don’t Be Afraid of Heaven, Fear Ain't All That, Just Say Mikey... Is there something you've been wanting to write but have put off? And, if so, why?

You mean other than an e-mail response to the guy from Nigeria who’s going to transfer his millions into my bank account? Well, yes. What I like doing these days is switching genres (something I was told NEVER to do). On the back burner is a biography I want to write someday, about a great, great aunt of mine, Evangeline Adams (maybe related to you as well). She’s the one who was thought of as having “popularized” astrology; after having been charged with practicing ‘witchcraft’ in NYC twice in the early 1900’s, she led her own defense and won overwhelmingly. Newspapers quoted the judge as saying that she "had raised astrology to the dignity of an exact science." Since that time, horoscopes have appeared everywhere. Why? I think researching her life would be fascinating.

Everything’s changing in the writing industry. A lot of authors are choosing to self-publish, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think it's become too difficult for new authors to get a publishing company to take their work on board or do you think new authors are looking for an easy in?

Great question, Wendy. Yes, it’s always been difficult for new authors to be traditionally published, and in my opinion, it will continue to be. There’s no doubt about it, if you as an author want to be in control of your destiny, only one option exists: self-publish AND hold onto (all) your rights for as long as possible. I don’t necessarily think that any author chooses to self-publish because they feel it’s easier. Traditionally- or self-published, the majority of an author’s life still revolves around marketing their work. If you’re not a “name” author, virtually no traditional publisher will spend a penny to market what you’ve written.

When you meet a new author what's the first piece of advice you give them?

Gotta use bullets here; this one’s a three-parter:

· Write for yourself and believe in what you’ve written!

· It’s YOUR story, no one else’s. Although it may be tempting to seek the approval/critique of a friend, family member, lit. agent or editor while you’re in the process of writing your manuscript, don’t! Seeking outside opinions before you’re story’s finished will only take you/it off-course.

· Writing’s a craft. Yes, once your first draft’s COMPLETE, work you’re a-- off to make it better; this could mean hiring a professional editor as you’re going through the editing and revision phase of your writing; nearly everyone does this.

You've been writing teen fiction for a while and now your newest book 'The Seventh Ritual' is for adults. What made you decide to make this change and will you leave teen fiction behind forever?

Living in teendom was a BLAST, that’s for sure. I wrote four teen novels, but the rewards of having been a teen novelist came directly from the teens themselves. I got to know some great ones. While I did school events and kept up with some of the students via e-mails, they kept me young, and I did my best to encourage them to remain just as they are, fearless, for as long as possible.

Why adult fiction now? While finishing up the manuscript to MY WATCH DOESN’T TELL TIME, I knew that I wouldn’t be continuing in this (teen) series beyond this novel. I don’t want to give anything away, but I made it impossible for the story to progress into a subsequently-related book. In addition to that, the story that had lived inside me (for the past 15+ years), THE SEVENTH RITUAL, really needed to come out. There’s no way this could ever be marketed to teens, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they perhaps understood it better than some adults. Teens are incredibly wise. But TSR is too adult, graphic, disturbing and shocking for their innocence. And, not to make light, but teenagers probably get enough of that from the Internet already.

I will DEFINITELY return to teen fiction the moment I begin to feel myself growing up.

I would be interested in knowing what made you decide to start a blog about facing fears.

It’s my gig, Wendy. Fear. All my books have to do with the subject of fear; conquering it, recognizing it, discovering the origins of it, etc. Now’s a good time for me to give recognition to a superb publicist, Annie Jennings. I used to listen to her tele-seminars for authors in need of PR, nearly every one of which was a n/f author; I was one of the very few novelists. Her credo: “be an expert, have a platform.” My fourth novel was about to come out, I needed to write a press release, took her advice and boom…I’ve stuck with this theme ever since. Somehow deep down, I believe this is the message I’m meant to deliver (conquering fear), whether I do it with my books, radio interviews or via some other medium. My blog is an extension of this; now focusing on other people and their relation to fear(s) as they make their way through life.

Every writer has one thing they put off doing because they don't enjoy it... writing queries, starting a website, book signings. What's that one thing for you Clint?

I REALLY don’t like dieting, but that’s another story. Oh, as a writer. Focus, Clint, focus! Yes, I’ve got one, a biggie: Selling. I actually like marketing, especially online, but when it comes to selling, I’d rather crawl into a hole. Some people are naturals at it and I applaud them. Maybe it’s some psychological-thing going on inside me that I don’t know about. I somehow equate selling with manipulation. I HATE being used, and as a result, I go out of my way when the thought comes up that I may be using someone else. K-A-R-M-A.

What advice would you give a new author about seeking out a literary agent? Do you believe a writer needs a literary agent?

Another really good question, Wendy. Well, that’s one thing that hasn’t changed over time: a lit. agent’s primary responsibility…to get the right manuscript into the hands of the right editor. An author hires an agent because of their connections within the publishing industry. Any author would be doing themselves a great service by researching agents; find out the areas/genres to which they specialize. Also, never ever submit to an agent who charges $$ to read your manuscript; they should also be a member of the AAR (Association of Authors’ Representatives). Needing an agent? That’s another thing that hasn’t changed; most of the big publishers don’t accept/read unsolicited, unagented material, they only go through agents. The right agent can be like a pot of gold…especially if they believe in you, your work and share your vision.

Could you tell us about your first book you had published? Did you have a literary agent at that time? What publishing company backed you and why? What type of learning experience did you gain from that?

I had an agent for my first manuscript, SOULheresy. Her name was Carolyn Gilbert and she was fantastic; she recognized my passion and became as excited as I was. Unfortunately, shortly after having met her, Carolyn became ill and stopped agenting. My first published book was JUST SAY MIKEY and was unagented. I’ve never had any publishing company “back me,” because I don’t really feel that’s what they do. Back in the day when the idea of self-publishing was new, I discovered one that was quite selective at the time, rejecting about 95% of what came in; I liked that they wanted to keep their standards high. It was called Booklocker and I think they’re still around today. The best part about the deal: I retained all rights. I learned a lot…that I could do it all myself. I launched my own imprint, Credo Italia, and eliminated the need for any type of third-party involvement. Advice to authors: if you do this, make sure you are WELL-connected globally via top distributors/wholesalers prior to publication.

If you could interview anyone at all for your blog 'Stories About Facing Fear' who would it be and why?

Well, I interviewed you last month, Wendy. I’ve already interviewed the best. Do I still need to answer? :-) (Advice to you: always steer clear of any author that kisses-up). :-) OK, I’ve got one. Monica Seles, the former top-ranked tennis player; she’ll probably always be my top-hero/heroine for life. What inspires me most? People who’ve overcome. I can’t think of anyone who has overcome more; being stabbed by a crazed fan (of her rival) in front of the whole world…and then COMES BACK having learned from the experience of it all. A total winner. I believe this is her mission in life; to help educate folks who struggle to ‘come back’ after having experienced something horrendous.

I'm curious if you believe the writing industry has become too competitive amongst authors where they might not be willing to share which literary agent they have or even who is publishing them. Or if you find authors are banding together in this day and age.

Me? Not share? Oh, no…I’m an open book. :-) Pardon the pun. To some extent, I think it’s always been like this. I, personally, enjoy hearing what others authors are up to. When I was getting started I used to love being part of a critique group; I learned a ton and made a few friends. Today, there are literally a million-and-one social media sites for authors; I could fill a phonebook with all the different URLs, User IDs and passwords I have for each. Yes, I think so, banding. These sites seem to offer valuable tips, and more than all else, make us realize that we’re not alone in what we do.

I have to ask this, related to what’d you just mentioned, the social media out there, what sites would you list as the TOP FIVE for authors? And why?

1. Facebook. No question about it. Literally thousands of writers there; camaraderie along with great tips ad suggestions.
2. YouTube. At a recent business event I was told that w/in a few years ALL Internet searches will be accompanied by a video component/file. Great for book trailers, author interviews and interactivity (comments).
3. Twitter. Unlimited number of followers AND searchable; super for book marketing and making connections to readers, also, relatively effortless.
4. Author/Reader-centric sites like Authors Den, TeensReadToo, JacketFlap, weRead, listal, Amazon author pages, filedby, goodreads, ReadingTrails and lots of the NING groups (like yours, Wendy). The bottom line about book marketing: making an emotional connection with readers.
5. Publishers Weekly. It’s not interactive, social media, but it’s a MUST-read site for keeping abreast of the (as you’d already mentioned) ever-changing publishing industry.

With a lot of writers, writing seems to be a first love for them that goes back to childhood. It's very rare that I come across someone in their adult life who says one day they just starting writing and couldn't stop. Was writing a first love for you?

OK, I’ll be the oddball here. No, I never cared for writing or reading. English was always my worst subject in school. In 1991, I chose to become a writer for one reason only, to divulge the truth, to tell a story that needed to be released. No one else was going to write it for me and there was no other means (at that time) for the truth to come out. It took 18 years of getting over my own fears for this to happen; that story is THE SEVENTH RITUAL. I admire anyone who has a passion for writing, and of course, I have so much respect for readers. When looking back, I’m thrilled it’s all turned out the way it did. Like I’d said earlier in this interview; it’s the process of writing itself that is the reward. It’s infinitely powerful; the ability to rewrite your lifestory while, at the same time, creating a new destiny.

What are your favorite genres to read and what's that one book you can't put down?

I guess, as you might imagine, Wendy, anything with a psychological slant to it. I like characters that are deep, complex and multi-dimensional. Anything less that that leaves me feeling cheated. My four teen novels live on Amazon in the ‘Visionary Teen Fiction’ genre, a mix of fiction and spirituality for young adults. I hope to see this genre expand in the years to come. My favorite genre. Inspirational fiction. The book I’m not putting down. THE COLOR PURPLE by Alice Walker.

What would you say are your strong points as a writer? This maybe something that comes very natural for you or maybe something you've worked very hard to fine tune?

Wow, I didn’t know this question was coming next, but a superb follow-up to the previous. VOICE. Thus the reason for never putting down THE COLOR PURPLE; I could listen to Celie’s words day-after-day. A long time ago, in Creative Writing 101, 2, 3 or one of those, I heard from a professor, “At this point in time EVERY story’s already been told; the only thing different these days, is the WAY in which it’s told.” I agree completely. I’ve worked very hard at making my protagonists speak in a way that’s unique, distinctive while still being believable. Miguelito, in my first four books, is a (fictitious) boy I’m crazy about. If I could hand-pick a son in my life, it’d be him.

If you could have a five-minute chat with any writer who would it be and why?

May I please pick three instead of one? Please! 1) Alice Walker, to find out what made her so spiritual and ask what she drew upon in her own life that led her to create a character so endearing as Miss Celie. 2) J.K. Rowling, to discover where her creativity comes from. Follow-up to J.K.: “Did you ever believe that your series would NOT be as successful as it’s become?” 3) Stephen King, “How do you make yourself write EVERY DAY no matter what?”

Might you be able to tell us if there's a new book in the works and a little about it?

Absolutely, Wendy. Thanks for asking. Yes, because it continues to be my gig, my brand, my platform, I’m now putting together, STORIES ABOUT FACING FEAR: THE INTERVIEWS. It’s a series of thirty interviews, combined with my own experiences and insights on the subject of fear and the courage it takes to overcome (challenges). A friend of mine, Josephine Carlton had done a similarly-structured book in 2002 (Life Messages: Inspiration for the Woman’s Spirit); a fantastic vehicle, I thought. My book, SAFF:TI, consists of multi-cultural interviews with teens, adults and senior adults and will be targeted to age 50+ readers; genre: senior self-help. The purpose of this book: a “friendly” reminder for adults to continue to live fearlessly at any age, something they’d done so effortlessly and routinely in years prior.

For me I love to learn about an author’s life what they enjoy doing other than writing. Can you tell us one of your favorite past times?

Uh, oh. Wendy, are you sure you want to know this? Well, it’s almost an addiction, but it’s not. Tennis. I already mentioned Monica Seles earlier, but I LOVE everything about tennis. In high school I was an overweight teen, but hitting a tennis ball up against the wall (something I could do all by myself) was heaven for me. I went to my first pro. tennis tournament as a spectator in 1972 and saw Björn Borg’s first pro. match in the U.S. Eek, I’m in big trouble if you’re now asking yourself, “Who’s he?” For some reason, my favorite players of all time have been those who seemed to be constantly in the secondary position directly behind a legendary #1; Michael Chang of the U.S. (behind Pete Sampras), Arantxa Sánchez Vicario of Spain (behind Steffi Graf) and now Rafael Nadal (behind Roger Federer), also of Spain. Number #1’s never interested me. I respect the ones that work harder to overcome. Other than tennis, I love, love, love alone time, probably a little too much.

I couldn't let this go, Clint, before writing you were a professional actor could you tell us some of the things you worked on?

Sure, Wendy. First, if you don’t mind, I’ll tell you about the byproduct of having been a working actor: I looked at it from Day One as a business, something, I feel, every author should do with relation to publishing/book marketing. Well, I was fortunate to have worked regularly because I hustled a lot. Yes, I had many agents (in San Francisco, L.A. & NY), but lots of the jobs I got were as a result of my own persistence and professional approach (again, something I advise all authors to have). I did lots and lots of commercials, industrial videos, voice-overs; I’ve worked as a principal, recurring, bit- and day-player, stand-in, an extra on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, MURDER, SHE WROTE, THE GOLDEN GIRLS, SISTER ACT, CASUALTIES OF WAR, DYING YOUNG, FINAL ANALYSIS, CLASS ACTION, BEACHES, DYNASTY: THE REUNION and several others. I’m grateful to have had these experiences; this (past career) helped me develop confidence. For now, I’m much happier to be in front of my computer keyboard, rather than on-camera.

For my closing question I'd like to know your thoughts on people in general. I'm sure with acting and writing people must have come up to you a lot. How have you dealt with meeting new people?

Again, great follow-up to what I’d just mentioned, Wendy. I LOVE people! (Eek) Dare I say it? Especially teenagers. They live in a magical time, believing that anything is possible. Somehow, through these wonderful teens, I happened to discover my purpose in life: to help adults recapture, relive this indomitable belief. Meeting people. Well, people very seldom come up to me, and vice versa. Only until very recently have I made attempts to socialize; it’s a real challenge for me. At the same time, I feel blessed to know the people I do. I’m grateful.

Thanks so much for this fantastic opportunity, Wendy. I’ve enjoyed this interview immensely.
Best wishes to you, and your readers, always. Clint

-- for more info., please visit:

TEEN REVIEW for 'To Walk Amongst Angels' by Author Darren Humby


'I often found myself on the edge of my seat while reading it'

It's a really good book. One that I would want to read again! I found it to be very descriptive and mind blowing.

Definately a book I would recommend to other readers.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wendy Adams
Promoter / Literary Agent


Interview with Clint Adams
Interview with Shawn Grady

Teen Review 'To Walk Amongst Angels'
Teen Review 'Alec Thrace and the Lost Medallion' by M.D. Griffith

Book Review 'Through The Fire' by Shawn Grady

Count down to 'Dylan's Cause' by Pamela Swyers and 'Tomorrow We Die' by Shawn Grady.

Currently reading manuscript 'Legends' by new author Jennifer Gunn.

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TEEN REVIEW for 'Rebound' By Author Pamela Swyers


'It's a very good book for young readers, like myself.'

It influences readers about what to expect after college like stepping out into the world for your first time. It makes the readers think more about what they should do career-wise. It also gives a point-of-view on relationships.
I would recommend this book to other teenagers.

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SNEAK PEEK of my newest book being worked 'THE GUARDIAN OF THE NIGHT'


Wendy Adams
Inspired for my new book: I was driving down the road when it just came to me. I repeated it over and over in my mind and when I got home I just started writing it. I had no idea if he would even agree to it, a character of a book created in his likeness! At the time all I knew was I felt inspired to write and my new book was born....

'The room was dark and the night was well upon her as she slowly slipped into the deep slumber of her mind'....

Titled 'The Guardian Of The Night'
Sat at 1:32pm

Wendy Adams
'He could see her dreams take hold as she gripped at the sheets. He hung his head as he had done many times before kneeling beside her bed. His wings spread wide and fists clinched as he shared the very pain of the visions that haunted her this night.'

New book I'm writing hope you like the sneak peek 'The Guardian Of The Night'
Sat at 4:15pm

Wendy Adams
Sneak Peek at the new storyline I'm writing THE GUARDIAN OF THE NIGHT

'Caleb remembered when his assignment came in to guard her. He didn’t understand at first all his other assignments were men of war, even great leaders throughout time those who protected others with their life and caused great change in the world when he saw his assignment was a young girl he thought a mistake had been made.....
Sun at 9:32am

Wendy Adams
'this child was assigned to you and with the mark of the GOLDEN SEAL.’ Caleb looked upon the record book shocked, it was true it held the mark of the golden seal. Quickly he headed on his way but it was too late, this night he would find out just why this child was assignment to him.'
Yesterday at 11:16am

I hope you have enjoy this sneak peek of my newest book I'm writing 'THE GAURDIAN OF THE NIGHT' it will be a part of a series FOUR BOOKS to come out. Caleb is what is known as a 'GUARDIAN OF THE NIGHT' he's an angel of a special order only 100 of them in all the heavens. The first book will introduce you to Caleb, his friends and his assignment a young girl. The series will follow Caleb to the end of his assignment.

I've decided to get some promo shots of the main character. So I've added an album on my facebook page just for that. Of course I'll have to get some digital wings for him but he's an angel in his own right already. People come and go throughout our lives but this person has been a constant in mine. I only hope that my book can capture his true spirit as well as he has shown it to me. His Determination, Kindness, Inner Strength and Humility should be what we all strive for. As the storyline progesses I'll be sure to keep you all informed.

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Poet David Agnew: Belfast via Bedlam - is now available

David Agnew
Leeds, United Kingdom

Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce you to someone very dear, David Agnew. I met David online when my writing blog 'Scribbles Of A Writer' was being posted on myspace. From time to time David and I have had a chance to slowly get to know each other. It's a bond between writers sharing and supporting each other. I am always touched and moved by reading David's Poetry. Sometimes he makes me laugh and sometimes he makes me cry. When I read David's writing it always takes me in so many directions sometimes causing me to reflect on my own life while at other times making me feel very blessed by those in my life. I was so pleased when I saw David's newest update on his latest book that I wanted to share the news with all of you.

Belfast via Bedlam - is now available

"David’s writing is based on his own experience of the journey of recovery, now extending over more than twenty-one years. It is also informed by his long experience of working with the mentally ill, including those suffering from addiction problems. He firmly believes that, in recovery, we all travel a similar road, no matter where we begin.

Following on from his previous books - Walking into Eternity and First I Dreamt the Journey - David, in this book, further explores the paths, pitfalls and signposts on the journey.

These poems, although sometimes deeply personal, in particular those addressed to his mother, are nonetheless universal in their nature and can apply to us all. The poems are grouped under the headings - Reflections, Darker Days, Moving On, Steps of Faith, Memories and My Mother.

Gentler perhaps and more reflective in their nature than in his previous books these poems represent his own journey into a deeper more satisfying place in which his joy at the process of recovery shines through.

You can hear David reading his own words on a CD that comes with every book. Some of the poems have also been loaded to youtube so stop in and check out David's personal youtube page:

Previous books by David Agnew

Here you can check out other links for David's Work. David keeps a myspace page and enjoys hearing from those who take interest in his work.

This link will take you to David's website:
Be sure to stop back in and see I'll be talking about next. I hope you enjoy David's poetry as much as I do. Stop into his website and get a copy of his latest book.

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Thank You Pamela

Recommendations For Wendy Adams

“Wendy is personable and has a high-level knowledge of marketing and promotions. She is hard-working and capable and provides a valuable service to those she does business with. I recommend her without hesitation. Pamela Swyers” April 21, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Pamela Swyers hired Wendy as a promoter in 2010.

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What the Day Holds...Promoting and Networking As A Literary Agent

Wendy Adams
Promoter & Literary Agent? OH MY!!!!

As I start my day with a warm cup of tea setting it down on the computer desk and logging into my many accounts from which I network across.... I rub the sleep from my eyes, catch a view of the morning sun on the rise, and think 'TODAY IS A NEW DAY' it's my morning pep thought to ME!!! Each day holds new oppurtunities and there's no other way to start the day than to wake up ready to greet them.

One of the first things I do is check any messages left over night. I've already got a good idea what my plans are for the day to make the day run more smoothly. Yes, sometimes I might wake in the early morning hours thinking I need to be sure I.... and before I close my eyes it's been jotted down as a mental note right in the place I feel it will best suit my schedule.

The next thing I do is settle myself in my chair, take a deep breath and think of a morning opening. This might be a catch phrase to those connected to me on my pages, a quick update of what I might be doing such as 'Scouting publishing companies today leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can'. Whatever the opening is it's the first think I do to start my day off right.

After that I break into my routine of messaging a daily message one I try to get out without fail but if something comes up the message is sent out the night before I log off. The day feels completely new, fresh and welcoming.

Here it is only 1:00 p.m. and so much has already been done today. My morning message was a bit longer than usual as I had a goal in mind. I wanted to reach out to those I connect with and put the next phase of my testing Liz Lynch's book 'Smart Networking' to the test:

Morning everyone, As you can see my connections here on facebook are growing. You'd never guess that I was an Introvert person unless you personally knew me. Smart Networking by Liz Lynch says you can network well with just 150 connections and that's why I have chose ALL OF YOU!!! I'm at 102 connections right now and I...'d like to see that DOUBLE. THAT'S RIGHT I'm asking all my connections to step forward and help me out. "Your mission, should you choose to accept it..." ASKING JUST ONE PERSON YOU KNOW TO REQUEST ME HERE ON FACEBOOK. Have them put in the 'Request Box' who sent them so I can drop by your page and thank you! Smart Networking by Liz Lynch says ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. I am really going to put her book to the test!

From there I accepted some requests waiting and went right to reading groups to promote Authors Darren Humby and Pamela Swyers books, two authors you'll want to keep an eyes on in 2010!

After that I put to use my plan of posting a small quote from one of my earlier blogs for newer authors who have come to my page. I plan on doing this on a regular bases now in hopes that some of the authors find these helpful.

I found myself still scouting out editors and publishing companies that I find helpful to connect with and accepted more requests from those looking to connect with me, I left messages and comments to those I felt I needed to get in touch with. Darren updated me on what's been happening with him and for those who missed it on my pages Darren has a new blog set up on his website which talks about his characters from his books and he own personal views on angels. you can check out his blog at

After speaking with some more recent authors who have been connecting with me I was delighted to find that Julie Carobini had posted one of the photos I sent to her for her blog theme of things beachy and water landscapes. You can check out her post 'Beachy Pennsylvania' I'm so happy she found my photos useful.

With all that going on you can only imagine what pops into my head unexpectly but with warm welcome as the day progresses into a productive day of promoting and networking as a literay agent. I continue into my other pages to post updates and connect with those their, editing and updating my stats to keep everyone informed of what has been released out and what is coming next.

Darren Humby is completing his work on his historical fiction manuscript 'Known Unto God' which I can't wait to write a review up on. Darren is not only an author I'm promoting but a connection I made back in 2009 who has become a dear friend whom by all mean convinced me to take that next step in becoming a literary agent. So, while you read this and think 'Wow she stays busy' things are really starting to pick up and the connections I'm making are working out well. This is really becoming a nice balance between Promoting and being a Literary Agent.

And that's my day so far... You've just had a walk through my morning and I'm breaking for something to eat. I hope you've enjoyed your reading and that you come back and read my next posts.