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Monday, April 26, 2010

Poet David Agnew: Belfast via Bedlam - is now available

David Agnew
Leeds, United Kingdom

Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce you to someone very dear, David Agnew. I met David online when my writing blog 'Scribbles Of A Writer' was being posted on myspace. From time to time David and I have had a chance to slowly get to know each other. It's a bond between writers sharing and supporting each other. I am always touched and moved by reading David's Poetry. Sometimes he makes me laugh and sometimes he makes me cry. When I read David's writing it always takes me in so many directions sometimes causing me to reflect on my own life while at other times making me feel very blessed by those in my life. I was so pleased when I saw David's newest update on his latest book that I wanted to share the news with all of you.

Belfast via Bedlam - is now available

"David’s writing is based on his own experience of the journey of recovery, now extending over more than twenty-one years. It is also informed by his long experience of working with the mentally ill, including those suffering from addiction problems. He firmly believes that, in recovery, we all travel a similar road, no matter where we begin.

Following on from his previous books - Walking into Eternity and First I Dreamt the Journey - David, in this book, further explores the paths, pitfalls and signposts on the journey.

These poems, although sometimes deeply personal, in particular those addressed to his mother, are nonetheless universal in their nature and can apply to us all. The poems are grouped under the headings - Reflections, Darker Days, Moving On, Steps of Faith, Memories and My Mother.

Gentler perhaps and more reflective in their nature than in his previous books these poems represent his own journey into a deeper more satisfying place in which his joy at the process of recovery shines through.

You can hear David reading his own words on a CD that comes with every book. Some of the poems have also been loaded to youtube so stop in and check out David's personal youtube page:

Previous books by David Agnew

Here you can check out other links for David's Work. David keeps a myspace page and enjoys hearing from those who take interest in his work.

This link will take you to David's website:
Be sure to stop back in and see I'll be talking about next. I hope you enjoy David's poetry as much as I do. Stop into his website and get a copy of his latest book.