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Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Interview with Author Pamela Swyers

Pam's newest book 'Dylan's Clause' is now out. Be sure to get it while you can 'it's going to be a best seller'

Have you been receiving a lot of responses since you released 'Dylan's Cause' for sale? So far, I have gotten a very positive response. Even those who aren’t big readers have told me they are totally hooked in. I’m a huge fan of a good “cliff-hanger” ending and I tried to do that with Dylan’s Cause.

Since we met Pam, we both seem to be pursuing our careers full speed ahead. I'm curious as to what's next for you? More of the same, I hope. I feel so incredibly, unbelievably blessed to be able to write every day; to create characters and situations from whole cloth… it’s what I LIVE for! I am pursuing publishing via every angle imaginable (including self-publishing and the ol’ traditional methods).

Now that you have a couple of books under your belt Pam, What would you say is the hardest part of getting them published? The traditional methods are always very difficult, time-consuming and gut-wrenching. Having to send out query after query and get back rejection after rejection is a tough way to go, but it has always been thus. Rejection is something none of us “creative types” enjoy. Seems kinda sick if you think about it; the most sensitive people in the universe have to suffer constant rejection. I think that’s one reason why so few actually “make it”. That’s one reason why I decided to self-publish (in the meantime) which leads nicely into your next question.

I know your husband and you have a small publishing coming could you tell us a little bit about it and why you decided to go that root? It was simply and foremost a way to get my books into print and into the hands of those closest to me. For one, it means a LOT to have something concrete in your hands, as a writer. To continue working at something, hour after hour, week after week, month after month, with virtually nothing to show for it is… well it’s very masochistic. (Ha!) It helps to see your work in print… It motivates and inspires. And once others begin to read it and like it, that inspires you even more. I have always felt I would need to continue seeking more traditional routes as well though. It’s the best “tried and true” method to get your books into the major book carrier’s shelves. I thought for a while we could help others publish as well, but that has proven very difficult, as we would have to charge people for our time (we have a very limited budget) and every writer knows to run from people who ask for money up-front.

That's true Pam. A lot of people in the literary business take advantage of new authors. What I like about your Publishing Company is that it's owned by a writer and the fact that your husband runs that side of things. You're up front about the fact that you started it up for yourself and I think that will help the business take off on it's own. You're straight forward with costs and what it takes to get the book published. It's a company like yours I's like to see grow and really start taking off because for me, I see an oppurtunity for our partnership to go and expand in many ways. Who knows I just might be sending my authors to 'Swyers Publishing' in the near future.

As an author I think it would be helpful to other writers if you could share some of your experience with sending out query letters to publishing companies. Is there any particular response that has stood out for you. Was there anything in particular that pushed you to self publish?I have sent out… I don’t even KNOW how may queries over the years. I first finished writing a book about 20 years ago and queried that directly to publishers. I got some responses, but I have since figured out that what I wrote 20 years ago—simply wasn’t all that great. (I have much improved.) Over the last year I have queried over one hundred, maybe two hundred agents and publishers. I find that they are incredibly over-whelmed and likely do not have the chance to spend much time on your query. I have also found this to be true: every book you read on getting published and every person you talk to, will give you very DIFFERENT advice; conflicting advice on what they actually want and are looking for. There is no way to win in that environment. It really can end up being about who you meet, who you know, networking, etc. This combined with my answers above, moved me to self-publish. Plus I also believe none of us are promised any certain number of days on this earth, and BY GOD, I was going to go to my grave a published author! I knew (& know) that it is absolutely who and what I am meant to be and do. Ultimately I would advise this: whether you self-publish or not, never give up if you KNOW this is who you are and what you are meant to do. Keep plugging away. Eventually the right connection will come. I think I am making some potentially VERY important ones right now… ones that will lead to my further success.

That's great advice Pam, Thank you so much!

You seem to be doing very well Pam with turn out book after book. I love that you've changed the genre up for Dylan's Cause. How have your followers responded to the change? I think I am finding that there are certain fans that will like most anything I write, because they enjoy my writing style—my “voice” if you will. There will definitely be some that will like Dylan’s Cause better than the other “chick-lit” stuff… especially male readers. Obvious reasons. Takes a sensitive man indeed to read and enjoy women’s fiction.

You're doing just great Pam, I have to ask this... Is there a genre you're just dying to try your hand at but maybe are holding back from trying a little uncertain if you'd be good at it? I think Both Women’s Fiction (which I grew up loving and devouring) and Contemporary Fantasy was actually that for me. I was uncertain in the beginning with both. It’s all about finding your storyline and your groove. I think I’ll stick with these two. Um, for now, anyway.

For anyone who has not bought your book yet where can they get it? Have you sent up Book Signing venues yet? I have had several book-signings in the past after the release of my other books, and I’m in the process of scheduling ones to celebrate the release of Dylan’s Cause… I expect to have some dates nailed down really soon (this summer for sure). My stuff is all available on, Barnes and Nobles online store, Borders, and most any major bookseller (even if you don’t find it on the shelf and it must be ordered). Some of my books have made it to Kindle and some of the other e-book formats, and the others are all in-process. They all have retail ISBN’s so they can be looked up and ordered virtually anywhere. I try and give discounts occasionally at my store on the website:

I know you do a lot of book signings, Is there one moment that stands out for you maybe something someone said to you? One thing that stands out is when we ran a contest and I had met this gal and she was so excited to meet me (little ol’ me) and when she ended up winning the drawing and we called her to let her know—she was ecstatic! You would have thought she won the lottery. She said she had never won anything before. That was nice. Meeting new readers and making friends of strangers, never gets old though.

What's the best why for a new fan to get in touch with you. I know you have your website and facebook page. Do you get fan mail at home? [BESIDES FROM ME!] DOES AN AGENT CONTRACT COUNT AS FANS MAIL? IT CERTAINLY DOES IN MY CASE I'M ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS! Ah, Wendy, how I DO love you! I have both a fan page on facebook and a personal facebook page. I hope people will mostly find me there or through my site (mentioned above). I do occasionally get an email from a stranger on my regular email, but I try to be choosey about who gets that. I think in my town, only my librarian and my postal carrier know I live where I do. I kinda like it that way. (Speaking of those great connections I am making…. Yay Wendy!)

I find you to be a very determined, positive, out going author. Were you always like that or did something change for you that made you say' I'm an author and my books are worth being read by all?' I love that GO GETTER attitude of yours. I think in order to succeed at anything, you must KNOW yourself utterly and BELIEVE in yourself entirely. After all, if you don’t, who will? You have to be able to sell yourself (no, not in a creepy way)! No, I was not always like this. I went through times in my life of having low self-esteem and low self-confidence for sure. Years of having a strong faith and surrounding myself with positive people makes a huge difference. I have a pastor friend who has made a huge impact on my life, just simply with his constant positive outlook on life and the way he never, ever gives up on his dreams. I have mentors in my life in different ways. I have really GREAT friends who believe in me whole-heartedly. (And others who just humor me and put up with me, no doubt!) As I tell my daughter all the time “You will become who you hang around with.” Want a great life? Hang around great people. People with true and honest hearts, people who cheer you on instead of tearing you down. My husband and grown kids as well as parents and siblings are a great support. And oh yeah, I finally started writing better… which helped me believe in myself and helped others like my writing… can’t forget that.

Here's a question for you Pam, What was the worst advice you've received? “You’re too sensitive and kind of a person, you’ll never make it as a writer.” Humbug. I’ll show them.

Do you think you could explain the process of setting up a book signing, for new authors? They're scared to death to send me a request as a literary agent, I can only imagine what goes on in their mind about the thought of a book signing. How nervous were you at your first book signing? Do you still get nervous? Again, you must believe in who you are and your writing. If you are in ANY way embarrassed by what you write, you won’t be comfortable at a book-signing. Write something worth standing behind, then stand behind it, no matter what. Literally and figuratively. Yes, I still get a little nervous, but I put on a smile and press through. My first one was the worst for that, but it was made better by my family who showed up and loved on me and were proud of me. Now I am more “used to” them. Not so bad. Gotta be prepared for them to go well and/or for them to flop, cuz both will happen. As for processes to set up, someone does that for me. (My manager/publisher/assistant husband.) He makes all the tough calls. It helps.

And one last question Pamela.... How about telling the readers a little bit about each book and what your thought process was for each. What inspired you to write each book? The very first book I self-published (at that time through a vanity press) was a goofy coffee-table book called Fictionary. I wanted to put my toes in the water of self-publishing and that was where I started. This was before we started our own company. It was so fun. I was inspired by my goofy kids to write a silly little book with goofy and slang words and their entirely made-up definitions. Next (after we had our own company with a REAL printing and distributing connection) I did my first novel, Boys with Cars. It is a story of friendship (inspired by a friend I had once… a friend who died and who I carry within myself to this day). The story itself is pure fiction. The sequel to it is Married with Children. I am currently working on the third book in that series. Next was Rebound. You may not know that I am a very experienced barista and cafĂ© manager among my other talents, and Rebound is about a barista who loses love and finds it again… only this time for real. Dylan’s Cause came out next (only just in fact) and is the first contemporary fantasy I have written. It will be a series of at least three books (side note: part two has already been written as well but is not through editing yet). It is the story of an angelic couple living in the heavenly realm of Tryta. The husband is revealed to be evil and is banished and the wife finds she is pregnant. A controversy begins over the fate of the child… will it be good or evil? This book came about during a brainstorming session with my adult and awesome son Shaun. His brother Matt helped inspire me as well. (Matt does my cover art on the hard-cover books.) It is a romping ride, for sure. I have fallen in love with the characters, which I always do.

Thank you Pam, I'm so glad you made time to squeeze me into your busy schedule. I look forward to getting the new interview out for all to read. You are so welcome, Wendy, and thanks for all your amazing help. You are an inspiration to women and writers everywhere.

Wendy Adams
Promoter / Literary Agent

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dylan’s Cause Available Now

Local author Pamela Swyers celebrates the release of her latest book Dylan’s Cause

Dacula, GA, June 1st, 2010 –Local author Pamela Swyers first burst on the fiction scene with Boys with Cars; a story about life, love, friendship and loss. In her latest book; Dylan’s Cause (the first in the Tryta Chronicles) we meet Diana, an angelic living with her husband Dwyn in the heavenly realm of Tryta. Dwyn is revealed to have a core of evil and is banished from the heavenlies, doomed to live out his life on earth. Diana finds that she is with child and the controversy begins over whether this child, Dylan, will be ultimately good or evil.

Dylan’s Cause can be found on and Barnes and Noble, as well as in several local bookstores, and on Pamela’s website;

Pamela has lived in Dacula, Georgia for six years. She and her husband moved to Georgia after Hurricane Andrew blew them here from Homestead, Florida back in 1992. After penning her first novel, (Boys with Cars) she was nominated for the Georgia Author of the Year award. The sequel to Boys (Married with Children) is also now available everywhere. Rebound (the story of a barista who finally finds love) was released in February. Pam is currently writing her seventh book (sixth fiction novel). Look for Playing with Fire to be released in the winter of 2010.

What people are saying about Dylan’s Cause:

“I loved it! Easy read, unable to put down. Best of both worlds. A little sci-fi adventure with a little twist of love and romance. Something for everyone!” Anna Shafer

“More great literature from a great writer! Can't wait to read what happens next.” Laura Marshall

“Great book written by a great Author!” Peggy Karnowski

Pamela is a member of the Georgia Writer’s Association and has been penning works of fiction her whole life. Growing up in small-town Oklahoma (the setting for Boys and Married) Pamela moved to Miami, Florida as a young adult and lived there for many years before coming to Georgia in the early nineties. She is currently the mother of three grown children and has been happily married for twenty-two years.

Pam and husband Bill started Swyers Publishing; Swyers Publishing was started, not only as an avenue for Pam’s books, but also to provide assistance and encouragement to new aspiring authors, particularly indie writers who seek to take a less traditional route to publishing their works.

Contact: Bill Swyers
Swyers Publishing