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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SNEAK PEEK of my newest book being worked 'THE GUARDIAN OF THE NIGHT'


Wendy Adams
Inspired for my new book: I was driving down the road when it just came to me. I repeated it over and over in my mind and when I got home I just started writing it. I had no idea if he would even agree to it, a character of a book created in his likeness! At the time all I knew was I felt inspired to write and my new book was born....

'The room was dark and the night was well upon her as she slowly slipped into the deep slumber of her mind'....

Titled 'The Guardian Of The Night'
Sat at 1:32pm

Wendy Adams
'He could see her dreams take hold as she gripped at the sheets. He hung his head as he had done many times before kneeling beside her bed. His wings spread wide and fists clinched as he shared the very pain of the visions that haunted her this night.'

New book I'm writing hope you like the sneak peek 'The Guardian Of The Night'
Sat at 4:15pm

Wendy Adams
Sneak Peek at the new storyline I'm writing THE GUARDIAN OF THE NIGHT

'Caleb remembered when his assignment came in to guard her. He didn’t understand at first all his other assignments were men of war, even great leaders throughout time those who protected others with their life and caused great change in the world when he saw his assignment was a young girl he thought a mistake had been made.....
Sun at 9:32am

Wendy Adams
'this child was assigned to you and with the mark of the GOLDEN SEAL.’ Caleb looked upon the record book shocked, it was true it held the mark of the golden seal. Quickly he headed on his way but it was too late, this night he would find out just why this child was assignment to him.'
Yesterday at 11:16am

I hope you have enjoy this sneak peek of my newest book I'm writing 'THE GAURDIAN OF THE NIGHT' it will be a part of a series FOUR BOOKS to come out. Caleb is what is known as a 'GUARDIAN OF THE NIGHT' he's an angel of a special order only 100 of them in all the heavens. The first book will introduce you to Caleb, his friends and his assignment a young girl. The series will follow Caleb to the end of his assignment.

I've decided to get some promo shots of the main character. So I've added an album on my facebook page just for that. Of course I'll have to get some digital wings for him but he's an angel in his own right already. People come and go throughout our lives but this person has been a constant in mine. I only hope that my book can capture his true spirit as well as he has shown it to me. His Determination, Kindness, Inner Strength and Humility should be what we all strive for. As the storyline progesses I'll be sure to keep you all informed.