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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


From York, Pennsylvania

Known by millions as the lead singer of the band 'LIVE'

With hits like 'Forever May Not Be Long Enough' and 'Sweet Release'

Ed Kowalczyk is spreading his wings and spreading them wide. On february 20 2010 Ed introduced to the world on his website the new band.

Meet the Members:

Ramy Antoun- Drums

Chris Heerlein-Bass

Adam Kowalczyk- Rhythm Guitar/Background Vocals

James Gabbie- Lead Guitar


Lead Vocals- Ed Kowalczyk

Ed's got a great website up and running I've been following him from the start with it. His VBlogs are FUNNY, PERSONAL and CONNECT with the fans. Releasing his first solo album entitled 'ALIVE' on July 6 2010. You won't want to miss it! Stop in and check out his upcoming tour dates and hear his new single 'Grace'.

resources: edkowalczyk website, facebook page and my own personal following.