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Monday, April 19, 2010

Book Review: 'Dylan's Cause' written by Pamela Swyers

Written By: Wendy Adams
Promoter / Literary Agent

Author Pamela Swyers from Dacula, Georgia is proving herself to be 'THEE AUTHOR TO KEEP AN EYE ON IN 2010'. 'Dylan's Cause' is due out in June it's the first installment of the Tryta Chronicles. Pamela Swyers has a 'BEST SELLER AT HER FINGERTIPS'.

From the moment I picked up Dylan's Cause I was amazed by her writing style. Pamela has written several women's fiction books and is now branching out into a genre that suits her writing style well, Fantasy Fiction. You'll find the characters of Dylan's Cause magically coming to life before your eyes. Diana and Dwyn live in the heavenlies called Tryta but all of that changes with Dwyn's desire for respect and status. Dwyn's is cast out of the heavens and is forced to live on earth as a fallen. Born to them both is a new creature half-angel and half-demon. What will become of baby Dylan? Will his path lead him to follow the light of the angelics or the darkness like his father? Dylan's Cause is A PAGE TURNER . It's well written and suits both young and old who enjoy reading. Be sure to stop into Pamela's website where the book will be featured to buy soon.