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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NEW: Teen Reviews Coming Your Way

Promoter/ Literary Agent

As a promoter you're always looking for a new ways to draw attention to what you're promoting. I have recently decided to gain the help of some young readers and by doing so I'm giving everyone the chance to see how a targeted age group responds.

I've given out two books 'To Walk Amongst Angels' by Darren Humby and 'Rebound' by Pamels Swyers. These are two different genres Angelic Fiction and Womens Fiction. I've asked the readers to read the books and write up their responses for me which I will then post as Teen Reviews on my blog.

This will in turn help me decide how to further promote to younger generations and gives an eyes view of the responses from our targeted readers. I hope you stop back in to see what our young readers think of the books.