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Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Hello everyone, as you know I'm now a reviewer on FAME GAMES. However there's someone else on FAME GAME 'VAUGHAN ADAMS'.

Vaughan has entered his song 'Listen With Your Heart'. As a reviewer though I would love to show my own support for Vaughan and vote reviewers are not aloud to vote so I'm asking all of you to do it for me. Stop into FAME GAMES and show your support for Vaughan's music.

As you know I no longer write the 'Grace On Vaughan' blog or do work on his sites but I do still support Vaughan and his music that will not change. I wish him all the best in his new endeaver and I look forward to seeing his song 'Listen With Your Heart' move forward on FAME GAMES.

I have placed a review in for the song which some might think 'He wrote it for you how can you be objective?' Well, Vaughan and I have always had what we called 'BRUTUAL TRUTH' when it comes to each others works so my review will be based souly on my opinion of the song and it's performance not by who wrote it or that it was written for me. If you want to read my review you'll just have to stop in and read it for yourself.