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Friday, March 12, 2010


Skipping Rocks Across The Pond
An Interview with Darren Humby

March 12 at 9:54am

Hello Darren, I'd like to thank you for giving me the chance to speak with you today.

I know you have a few things that you're working on I was hoping you could tell us a little bit about each one?

"Well I am currently working on a couple of new projects; the first though would be the redrafting and finalising the sequel to “To Walk Amongst Angels” but the two main new projects are a series of books based upon the world of angels with a vampire twist. The first book has been finished and is attracting interest with regards to publication. The second project which I am really excited about is a stand alone novel called “Known Unto God” which is set during the Great War in 1917."

When you start your day Darren do you already have an idea of which piece you'll be working on?

"Yes, I always end my writing day knowing exactly where I am going to continue. I end a writing session excited about the next part or on a cliffhanger; I enjoy writing, but this brings a little bit of personal excitement to the next day!"

How would you describe the setting around you when you write?

"When I began to write from a serious standpoint; I thought I should be writing in a quiet room; me, a table, paper and ink. But it drove me mad! I actually need a little chaos around me when I write, helps me focus. So I either have music on, or a film, or favourite setting of all would be comedy DVDs. In England there have been some really popular ‘sitcoms’ called Only Fools & Horses and Dad’s Army….these tend to be on all the time when I write. But if I am into a particular scene or setting I put on a piece of music which complements what is happening, this helps my creativity greatly."

In the four years that you've been writing what would you say has been your most gratifying experience?

"Two things to be honest. The first but not the most would be completing my first novel. I think one of the hardest things about writing is actually doing it and having the discipline to complete it, so many people have said to me how much they would love to write, have started a chapter, of a few but it never went any further than that. But, the most gratifying experience would be when I received a formal contract from Fullproof Publishing Inc. They are an independent publisher in America, and for someone to believe in your work so much that they are prepared to take a ‘risk’ and publish you is a very humbling experience."

You've got quite a talent for writing Angelic Fantasy Darren, I wonder if you could write any other genre (regardless if you feel you'd be terrible at it) What genre would you love to try and have a go at? Romance maybe? Could you see yourself writing a romantic novel?

"Absolutely! In fact I have started one. My comfort zone has always been writing about the world of angels, and immersing myself into theirs and my fantasy world. But I do believe that you have to at least try to broaden your horizons as a writer and try to work in a genre which does not come particularly easy top you. But, for me I think it is all about the story, if I come up with the foundations of one, start through to end, then I can take myself and the characters on the journey. My new project “Known Unto God” has not got one angel in it, so I suppose we shall see if I am able to actually write within another genre or not."

On your website in your biography you wrote and I quote "My fiction is based around the world of angels. Angels have been important to me in my life, whilst not being overtly religious or living my life to a strict doctrine; I am spiritual." May I ask you to elaborate on that for me?

"I am spiritual and believe in angels, I believe that we all have a guardian and that they accompany us on our life’s journey, but I am not religious. I believe most doctrine is completely man made and it just is not for me. That is not to say that I do not understand why it is important to a lot of people, but for me I just need my own personal inner belief."

Your newest book released "To Walk Amoungst Angels" has been doing well in the States. Is there any further update on it's release in Europe and the rest of the world?

“To Walk Amongst Angels” came out in the US in February, so I would imagine that it would come over to Europe/Worldwide in approx three to four months time. Still early days, the feedback so far has been extremely positive and now working very hard to get the word spread far and wide."

One might wonder what inspires you to write? {Might it be a particular author, person, you started writing four years ago what started you on your path as a writer?}

"Fell into it really. I was going through some tough personal issues and used the writing as a mode for relaxation and escape. It was purely a hobby with absolutely NO intention of getting anything published. But, friends and family were very persuasive, I sent the draft off to a critiquing company, awaited their response which was very positive and made me take note that maybe I could go on to do something with the written word. So, after some thought I decided to take it on very seriously and see where it would lead me. The results I could never have imagined, I have been very lucky."

When you're not writing Darren what might one find you doing?

"Well I am not a full time writer, I am a charge nurse and have been nursing now for many years. So that takes up a lot of my time, the when not writing I am researching for the writing. Especially with my new project."

What do you do to relax?

"Relaxing is very important to me. I play a lot of golf, madly trying to get my handicap down into single figures. I enjoy time with my partner and we travel quite a bit. I enjoy cooking, and reading of course, music is a great source of inspiration; not sure I could ever live without my ipod touch! For me though the writing is a massive source of relaxation! "

That was Darren Humby from the United Kingdom.


When I first thought about doing the interview with Darren my mind went wild in thought... here I could ask him anything and I wanted to not only ask the mundane questions but ones that would give you an idea of the man on the back cover of the books. Darren may have fell into writing like I fell into promoting but one thing is certain we are both enjoying very much the career paths we have fallen into. Not only does he enjoy writing but from my own personal opinion I find Darren to be not only a TALENTED NEW AUTHOR across the way but a new inspiration a "BECKON" for those trying to have the dream that he is dreaming.

You can find Darren's books on . This is one new author you'll want to keep tabs on because he will certainly be published again and again. Be sure to check out his website where you may feel free to leave him a message. Darren enjoys hearing from his readers.