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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Publishers Want To Know You Have Promoting Ideas

The past few days I've realized a lot of writers don't know how to promote their work or even where to start. I've been researching a lot of discussion forms and find the same questions asked again and again. Do I need an agent? How do I get my book noticed? Start by believing in You and by all means social media network til your heart is content...Agents and Publishers want to know you have promoting ideas and are willing to work hard for your success. Network with other writers join discussion forums. I know you might find it hard but "Talk up your book like you just had the best sex ever."

Now don't laugh..I know that's funny but it's true! Agents and Publisher want you to feel passionate about your work. And if you're promoting it in everyway possible known to you they're going to take you serious.

Start by networking on sites like facebook and myspace. Join writing forums and discussion groups. If you haven't decided to start a website to showcase your work "THINK ABOUT IT". And by all means NETWORK get your links out there enjoy your fellow writes, let them enjoy you!

One thing you might find helpful is reporting local news. What? Yes, that's what I said. I love writing and what a better way to get your foot in the doctor than being seen and known for reporting news as it happens. LOCAL EXPOSURE..get your face seen and be known. I've reported a number of local stories and was interveiwed. I started to get known for it and people would call me with the news. YES LAUGH THAT'S FUNNY!!! I'd get a call from my mom saying so and so called her and they thought I should go catch it out and call it in. I'd reply "Can't they call it in?" I'd go check it out see the potential in the story and I'd call up the station or send them a quick e-mail. I'd get a call back and there it was on the news that night.

What ever it is that gets you started in the right direction use it, learn from it and keep going.