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Monday, March 8, 2010

Promoting A Musician

It takes a lot of work promoting a musician not only did I get in contact with many people in the record business but I also wrote the blog on Vaughan's page "Grace On Vaughan" which kept his fans informed about his music and what he was up too.

Vaughan at one point had a very close relationship with his fans and as his music started taking off there were more demands for him to be in the studio. The blog helped bridge that transition period between Vaughan and his fans and built a more respectful following of Vaughan's music and himself.

It's important for a musician to draw the line clear for fans as to where staying in contact is welcomed but disrespectful comments are not. Everyone wants to hear "I LOVE YOUR MUSIC" but when you're called hun, babe, sweetness unless your single and not 100% ready to prove yourself as a professional those things are just not exceptable. If you want to be taken seriously the line needs to be drawn. And that was part of my job as I worked Vaughan's pages for him and the blog. I have to say it went over quite well once the fans knew Vaughan position and his determination to succeed in the music world the fans had no problem supporting him and the few that didn't well there's always a few in every bunch but those few disappeared making way for more supportive fans to emerge in their place.

Promoting a musician meant a lot of phone time and computer time. E-mails went out time and time again. Updates were constantly being posted and there were always new people to get in touch with. Yes, there were a lot of No's and there will always be a lot of people saying "No not interested" for one reason or another but the true promoter perseveres.

I have nothing but the deepest respect for Vaughan as a musician. He produces and edits his own work himself in his home studio. You have to remember a lot of musicians out there have five six people working everything for them and their just performing. It has been an honour and a learning experience and I wish Vaughan nothing but the best in his career.