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Friday, March 12, 2010

New Cover "To Walk Amoungst Angels"

Hello everyone, I just received a new update from Darren and I couldn't wait to share it with you....

Darren Humby "New cover to the book can now be seen on, will update the website today."

Well here it is...

You can see from previous posts what the other covered looked like for the book. Darren recently posted this update last week when he announced the cover was to be changed.

Posted March 1 2010

Darren Humby "The cover to my book is changing making the current book on sale a potential massive collectors item, which could be worth a considerable sum! Get a copy now on and tell all. "

This is great for me because now I have one of each! The first order I placed had the old cover on it later I turned around after hearing the news of the cover change and placed a new order for two more books. Yes two..I decide I wanted to get one as a gift. So now I have TWO of Darren's book "To Walk Amounst Angels" with each book cover.